You were the miracle that woke up
the doctors given up.
Skull fractured into seven, dead for
fifteen minutes, endured,
how your mother must’ve prayed for you.
I hit the concrete hard, then
the trailer hit me.
Now smiling,
Alabama mama:
It was God, nothing else explains…

You were shot dead, mom and dad broken.
a London crime victim.
Shotgun pellets cratered your sweet head.
Callous, reckless, brazen.
Is that all that the police had said?
As blood pooled, mama cried
Let my son be the last, she prayed,
So much potential wasted,
Lord, please just let it be ended.

You are a future world champion.
A top class coach in tow,
Nigeria’s role model and hope.
How your papa prayed you
would play tennis from the age of four.
Your friends all wondering,
What is this funny sport? Your spirit
fighting, resolve to play.

You were just thirteen years old in May.