Confounded chaos reigns around
the ripened land & discord sown
by fattened hands that now unbound
turn rapacious towards the throne.

Grocers gather in back alleys
peddling inflationary greens,
in nighttime at burning rallies
recite the mantra “means mean means.”

Lambs wander places of learning
seeking forbs in leather-bound books.
Lupus gather leaves for burning,
smiling with reassuring looks.

Gnomic man hungry for power
whispers his erstwhile knowing plan.
Alas, the obscure wit seems dour,
revulsed the man in a white van.

Draining sand down through the funnel,
illustration of ill function,
or monomaniac tunnel
vision, pursuit of disjunction.

Glories past, ordered to reclaim;
whatever outcome, shift the blame.