This one began as wasteland and is now full of possibilities.

You never forget.
I could see a sea of faces.
I could see they were blackened and their hair was kind of on end and frizzy.

My life is in a different place.
The question being asked here now is whether this national euphoria can last.
The kind of noise you get when you tune a radio in.

As I looked around, he looked up and I saw a quick movement.
Then there was a big, white flash.
There was complete and utter pandemonium.
I tried to comfort her.

As soon as I was conscious, I became aware of people moaning and calling for help.
Urged on by massive home crowds and a cheerleading press that defied predictions.
Such a discourse, filled with lofty expressions of praise,
would reflect the ancient roots of the festival that ended here Sunday.

You have suffered so much and your survival is inspirational.
Goodbye world, we hope you had as good a time as we did.
Now let’s dance.